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Dr. George Yates

Director, Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics
Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Ph.D., 1977, California Institute of Technology
  • M.S., 1972, California Institute of Technology
  • B.S., 1971, Purdue University
Telephone/Voice: 330.941.3782
Facsimile: 330.941.3170


Research Interests: 

My research interest in mathematical biology include mathematical modeling of microbial activity using advanced mathematical and numerical analysis, to understand basic cellular processes and to apply results to problems in medical applications, environmental sciences, and food sciences.

Representative Publication:
  • YATES GT, Smotzer T.  On the lag phase and initial decline of microbial growth curves.  Journal of Theoretical Biology  244: 511-517, 2007.  [PubMed Link]  [OhioLink]

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