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Why This Web Page?

Fall 2022 Semester

(August 22, 2022)

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Why This Web Page?

Report any broken links/errors to Dr. Cooper (crcooper01@ysu.edu)

Why This Web Page?

(originally posted December 30, 2018)

This web page and its contents are the result of a Faculty Improvement Leave (FIL) granted to me for the Fall 2018 semester.  My proposal for this FIL sought to enhance the educational experience in BIOL 3702L by considering the physical and resource limitations unique to the microbiology laboratory teaching facilities at Youngstown State University (YSU) while i) fully encompassing the curricular recommendations of the American Society for Microbiology, and ii) developing a freely available, web-accessible manual for students and others.  Though the FIL was awarded for a single semester, this project and its resulting web-based laboratory manual have been a work in progress since my arrival at Youngstown State University in August 2000.  However, the FIL has allowed me to focus most of my energies on this project and to bring it to near completion – if such a project can ever be truly completed.

My original proposal can be viewed here.  For transparency purposes, I should note that the majority of the FIL review committee did not favor my proposal.  Initially, my submission was not approved for support by the committee for reasons never made clear.  However, I am grateful to former Provost Martin Abraham for recognizing the potential of my project to provide a well-founded and greatly-enriched educational experience for our biology majors and others, while also making this experience less costly to our students at YSU and elsewhere.  On his own accord, he awarded me the FIL that served to help facilitate the near completion of this project.  I believe I have delivered a product that not only reaffirms Dr. Abraham’s confidence in this project, but also provides an educational and financial benefit to the core focus of YSU’s mission – its students.

I am very pleased to offer this web-based laboratory manual to my students as well as others who find it beneficial.  I have tried to keep the exercises relatively simple, yet wholly useful in presenting basic key concepts and skills in the microbiological sciences.  My intent is to continue to update the materials contained herein, keeping the manual fresh and relevant – and FREE!!!  Non-YSU students and faculty are most welcome to use the materials on this web page taking note that I consider my original material copyright protected and subject to the conditions of distribution I have posted elsewhere.

I welcome any constructive comments individuals wish to share.  The best way to contact me is via email at crcooper01@ysu.edu. 


Chet Cooper

Report any broken links/errors to Dr. Cooper (crcooper01@ysu.edu)

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It is possible that portions of this web page are not wholly in accord with the American with Disabilities Act.  If this is the case, a student currently enrolled in this course should contact Dr. Cooper (crcooper01@ysu.edu; 330.941.1361) and compliant material shall be provided as soon as practical.

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