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BIOL 3702L: Videos

(updated January 6, 2020)

This page contains links to various video presentations that supplement the different exercises in this laboratory course. Any links that do not function should be reported by email to Dr. Cooper.

Safety Videos: Students are strongly encouraged to view these videos

Microbiology Laboratory Safety

General Lab Hazards

Why Do I Have to Wear Goggles?

Personal Protective Equipment

Safety Equipment

Proper Lab Behavior

Chemical Hazards

Safe Chemical Handling

Amoeba Sisters – General Laboratory Safety
(cute and entertaining!)

Zombie College: The 5 Rules of Lab Safety
(anything with zombies can’t be bad!)

The following web page, which must be accessed by connecting through a YSU portal (i.e., WiFi or similar internet connection), contains a variety of videos related to laboratory safety:


Exercise-Related Videos

Basic Microbiological Techniques

History of the Microscope      Introduction to Light Microscopy***      How to Use a Microscope

Focusing a Microscope     Focusing Using Oil Immersion     Introduction to the Bunsen Burner***

Bunsen Burner

Aseptic Transfer Using a Bacti-Cinerator     Aseptic Transfer Using a Bunsen Burner

Aseptic Transfer Handling Two Tubes Simultaneously     Performing a Streak Plate

Making a Bacterial Smear     Simple Stain Technique     The Gram Stain

***Video can be viewed only by connecting through a YSU portal (i.e., WiFi or similar internet access)

Selected Aspects of Microbial Growth

Introduction to the Spectrophotometer***     How to Use the Spec 20 Spectrophotometer

Nitrate Reduction Test     Serial Dilution and Plate Counts     Understanding Serological Pipets

Introduction to Serological Pipettes and Pipettors***     Using Serological Pipets

Spread Plate Technique     An Introduction to the Micropipettor***     Using a Micropipette

Using a Hemacytometer to Count Cells***

***Video can be viewed only by connecting through a YSU portal (i.e., WiFi or similar internet access)

Exploring the World of Selected Microbes

Biology of Coagulase Test     Coagulase Slide Test     Catalase Test

Carbohydrate Fermentation Test     Triple Sugar Iron Test     IMViC Tests

Interpretation of MSA Growth     Hemoloysis 

Microbiological Applications in the Real World

The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)     Using a Micropipette     Performing Gel Electrophoresis

SmartDoc 2.0 Imaging System

Other Microbiology Video Sites

Iowa State Micro Videos

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© 2020 Chester R. Cooper, Jr.