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Lecture and Laboratory Recordings

(updated September 25, 2020)

The following links will re-direct the user to the Integrity web page where recordings of lecture and laboratory presentations can be viewed.

Lecture Presentations

Laboratory Presentations

Chapter 1: The Evolution of Microorganisms and Microbiology

Bright-Field Microscopy

Part A     Part B     Part C

Chapter 2: Microscopy

Aseptic Transfer and Streak Plate Technique

Part A     Part B     Part C

Chapter 3: Bacterial Cell Structure

Gram Stain

Part A     Part B     Part C     Part D     Part E

Chapter 4: Archaeal Cell Structure

Bacterial Growth Responses

Part A     Part B

Chapter 5: Eukaryotic Cell Structure

Part A     Part B     Part C     Part D

Kirby-Bauer Susceptibility Testing

Chapter 6: Viruses and Acellular Agents

Part A     Part B     Part C     Part D


Chapter 7: Microbial Growth

Part A     Part B     Part C     Part D     Part E


Chapter 8: Control of Microbes in the Environment

Part A     Part B


Chapter 9: Viruses and Acellular Agents






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