three bacterial morphology types: coccus, rod, and spirillum  YSU logo  conidiophores of Talaromyces marneffei, a pathogenic fungus

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Lecture and Laboratory Recordings

(April 4, 2021)

The following links will re-direct the user to the WebEx recording where a lecture or laboratory presentation can be viewed.

Lecture Presentations

Laboratory Presentations

Introduction to BIOL 3702

Lecture Video     Password: AmdPKJq6

Introduction to the Microbiology Laboratory

Password: KpbFvE7M

Chapter 1: The Evolution of Microorganisms and Microbiology

Part A (Password: DsFPCMi4)

Part B (Password: jN2mKU9r)

Part C (Password: mWa9m3Tn)

Friday Lecture (Password: qDm28x46)

Skills Tests

Skills Test I: Microscopy Proficiency

(Password: iUviD9H9)

Skills Test II: Streak Plate Proficiency

(Password: Hq5GbP7b)

Skills Test III: Gram Stain Unknown

(Password: cRxvpMR5)

Skills Test IV: Bacterial Unknown

(Password: mSJn3ds5)

Chapter 2: Microscopy

Part A (Password: 3yZ4h53j)

Part B (Password: 29WaAG4r)

Part C (Password: mPcmTif3)

Friday Lecture (Password BxPTdcY5)

Bright-Field Microscopy

Password: AeYNpNd2

Chapter 3: Bacterial Cell Structure

Part A (Password: qXmpi7Ar)

Part B (Password: Jk53HcN4)

Part C (Password: pFZkFC2X)

Part D  (Password: 3HnPJ46P)

[slides are missing from the video; use the lecture notes posted on CONNECT]

Part E (Password: Tmv5Wbm3)

Part F (Password: BfNsfPY8)

Friday Lecture (Password bUhG6YPP)

Aseptic Transfer and
Streak Plate Technique

Password: FtVHVYA3

Chapter 4: Archaeal Cell Structure

Lecture Video Password: 5EbK5486

Smears and Simple Staining

Password: dWpK2fgj

Chapter 5: Eukaryotic Cell Structure

Lecture Video (Part A) Password: eF32UPPS

Part B (Password: Ei2JR5sZ)

Part C (Password: FuaH8Fef)

Gram Stain

Password: HxxmKqx6

Chapter 6: Viruses and Acellular Agents

Part A (Password: kMsdmgu6)

Lecture Video (Part B) Password: JvrVY36R

Part C (Password: tMyMeR9B)

Bacterial Growth Responses

Password: NvmZS6YA

Chapter 7: Microbial Growth

Part A (Password: tNzJWuF3)

Friday Lecture (Password: rVhByjp3)

Determination of Microbial Numbers

Not Performed This Semester

Chapter 8: Control of Microbes in the Environment

Part A (Password: vPJPVy58)

Part B (Password: cWmQBJf8)

Kirby-Bauer Susceptibility Testing

(video lecture)

Password: 9vJM5g9V

Kirby-Bauer Assay Plate Preparation

(.mp4 video)

Chapter 9: Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

Lecture Video (Part A) Password: hNj6pFRp

Part B (Password: Zm5E562B)

A Survey of Cocci Diagnostics

Passwork: EeCmeUr8

Chapter 10: Introduction to Metabolism

Part A (Password: pGZP4EXV)

Part B (Password uJ3kwm7p)

Survey of the Bacilli: Diagnostic Media I

Passwork: EuCPqJP3

Chapter 11: Catabolism

Part A (Password: sH9eWkE6)

Part B (Password: xUSkJRu8)

Part C (Password: bUr3Px3h)

Part D (Password: QhtkbBV3)

Part E (Password: Zsrkfcr7)

Survey of the Bacilli: Diagnostic Media II

Passwork: 5uWVR7qF

Chapter 12: Anabolism

Lecture Video     Password: Bj3pStxm


Chapter 16: Mechanisms of Genetic Variation

Part A (Password: GdvWAJM2)

Part B (Password: EkstdKN6)

Part C (Password: qYwrqfM5)


Chapter 19: Microbial Taxonomy and the Evolution of Diversity

Lecture Video     Password: vWJsm2SK

Chapter 27: Microbial Interactions

Lecture Video     Password: 9sWQZJh8

Chapter 32: Innate Host Response

Chapter 33: Adaptive Immunity

Chapter 34: The Microbe-Human Ecosystem


Chapter 35: Infection and Pathogenicity



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