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Course Description

(January 1, 2021)

The following description of BIOL 3702 is taken from the YSU eBulletin:

Fundamentals of the biology of microbes. The principles of microbial structure, function, reproduction, metabolism, genetics, phylogeny, host-parasite relationships, and immunity. Fundamental technical skills acquired through laboratory experiences. Three hours lecture, three hours laboratory. Prereq.: BIOL 2601 and concurrent enrollment in BIOL 3702L. 4 s.h.

As designed, BIOL 3702 provides a mixed lecture/laboratory educational experience focused upon the rudimentary concepts of microbiology as well as their practical application.  BIOL 3702 not only prepares students for more advanced courses in the microbiological sciences, but also provide knowledge essential to many diverse careers in biology, e.g., biotechnology, biomedical research, etc.  These courses also serve students desiring a career in medicine, dentistry, podiatry, etc.

Students enrolled in BIOL 3702 must concurrently enroll in a laboratory section, BIOL 3702L.  The laboratory component of this BIOL 3702 is an integral part of Microbiology.  There are no exceptions to enrolling in BIOL 3702L.  For individuals repeating BIOL 3702 there may be some consideration for laboratory work previously accomplished.  Such persons must contact Dr. Cooper for such consideration before the second laboratory session.  Also, there is a fee for BIOL 3702L which helps defray the costs of materials used in the laboratory.

Please note the following: For the Spring 2021 semester, Dr. Cooper will NOT be offering opportunities for Honors Contracting.

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