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Contact Information
Center Director: Dr. Chet Cooper
   > Telephone/Voice: 330.941.1361
   > Facsimile: 330.941.1483
   >  Email:

Location (Main Office): Room 3016,
   Ward Beecher Science Hall

Address (for correspondence):
Center for Applied Chemical Biology
Department of Biological Sciences
Youngstown State University
One University Plaza
Youngstown, Ohio 44555

Directions to the Center and YSU
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The Center for Applied Chemical Biology (CACB) at Youngstown State University (YSU) represents a Center of Excellence having highly skilled, research-active faculty and students from a variety of disciplines who are making very significant contributions to the intellectual infrastructure of Northeastern Ohio.  By driving workforce development and providing broad-based technological expertise in chemical biology, the Center is a potential engine of economic development.  The CACB welcomes opportunities for collaborative partnerships that are not just local or within the Cleveland-Pittsburgh TechBelt, but also those that actively engage regional, national, or international biotech ventures.

The CACB in Detail
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> Scope of Activities
> Technological Capabilities
Sponsored Research Projects
> Faculty Research Groups
> Collaborators

YSU Links of Interest
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Opportunities in the CACB
  >  Post-doctoral Research
      Associate - Fungal
  >  Graduate Research
       Fellowships - Available for
       Fall 2010 

Inquire about these opportunities by contacting Dr. Chet Cooper:
   > Telephone/Voice: 330.941.1361
   > Facsimile: 330.941.1483
   >  Email:
CACB Principle Investigators
[links to research project descriptions and contact information for each PI]
  >  Dr. David Asch
  >  Dr. Ganesaratnam Balendiran
  >  Dr. Jon Caguiat
  >  Dr. Chet Cooper
  >  Dr. Diana Fagan
  >  Dr. Jozsi Jalics
  >  Dr. Xiangjia Min
  >  Dr. Peter Norris
  >  Dr. Yogen Panta
  >  Dr. Doug Price
  >  Dr. Nina Stourman
  >  Dr. Gary Walker
  >  Mr. Rob Wardle
  >  Dr. George Yates

Other CACB Personnel
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 Graduate Students
  >  Undergraduate Students
  >  Alumni

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